Services & Professionals

He's pounding nails into a hardwood floor/And I swear to God I heard someone moaning...

- Tom Waits

We've all been burned by lousy professionals. Whether it's sinister mechanics who cut wires to keep you coming back for more, or plumbers who can't fix that lousy drip unless they've clogged their pockets with a wad of your $20s, or contractors who abscond with your life savings, or the photographer who double-exposed your wedding negatives, or that unscrupulous surgeon who waited till the anesthesia took effect before...well, let's just say the prospect of finding a pro without getting screwed sometimes seems shadowy at best.

And that's why this category exists. Because we want to spare you the pain we've all suffered.

It's not so much a celebration of these fine workers for excellence in their fields, although they all presumably deserve it, for getting the votes in - but it's a way that our readers can give something back. They can say, "Hey! These guys didn't just avoid sticking it to us, they genuinely helped us out!"

So we can share these professional goldmines and spread the good word to others.

Now rest assured, this is a readers' poll, not an editorial.

But when you're in the mood to get your f'eng shui'ed, many people have been known to peer at the Real Best on their fridge for an idea of where to go.

Best Plumber

John Estes Plumbing & Heating

Wyatt Plumbing

Best Place for a Bypass

St. Joseph Hospital

UK Hospital

Best Flap n Zap

Physician's Eye Center PSC


UK Hospital

Best Stockbroker

Jim Richardson

Best Realtor

Jim McKeighen of Turf Town

Best Banking for Non-Millionaires

University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union

Bank One

Community Trust

Pest Photograher (Commercial)

Mark Kidd

Forrest Payne

Richard Smithers

Best Massage

Lexington Professional Massage

Chesney Guyon

Rebecca Herpick

Best Yoga

Lexington Wellness Center


Best Feng Shui

Ann Bowe

Best Bike Repair

Pedal Power


Best Mechanic

Steve DiMartino at Perfect Auto Care

Quality First Auto Care


Best ISP

MindSpring Enterprises


Best Web Designer

squareFish Media Services

Best Health Club


Lexington Athletic Club

Gold's Gym