That ephemeral sheet... the newspaper, is the natural enemy of the book, as the whore is of the decent woman.

-E. and J. de Goncourt, 1858

Speaking of whores...

Thank God for the media. Really.

What other single entity can be despised so regularly? Just when you get a good rant going about the government, someone says "But I like my Social Security check" or "The Post Office has really improved."

But not so with the media. No one's going to hold you back as local TV news, the newspapers, radio and the internet get theirs.

And, deliciously ironic, at the same time you thrash the media like a ripe piñata, there are so many guilty pleasures to be had.

PROSTITUTES!! Need we say more? Probably not since a whole lot of you voted for every prostitute story you could get your paws on.

So c'mon. You know you love it. Trash the media to your friends and then cuddle up with it at the end of the day.

It's okay. The media understand. We'll still be here for you.

Best Media Scandal of Past Year

Tom Kenny

first-grade teacher arrested for prostitution

Kentucky Theatre porn debates

News Story You Wish Would Go Away

10 Commandments

sweatshop protests

(Elian disqualified. Not remotely local.)

Best General Assembly Coverage

Barry Peel

Best Local Website

Best Evening Newscast

Channel 27

Channel 36

Channel 18

Best Meteorologist

Brian Collins

Brad James

TG Shuck

Best AM Station

590 WVLK

1300 WLXG

Best FM Station

89.9 WRVG

103.3 WXZZ

88.1 WRFL

Best Sports Reporter

Alan Cutler

Dave Baker

Krista Voda

Best ACE Cover Story in the Last Year


Nashville Pussy

Best of 1999

Best ACE Cover

Nashville Pussy