Local Color

Even the losers get lucky sometime.

-Tom Petty

As you cruise this town with its acres and acres of identical subdivisions, McFood joints, airport hanger-cum-Wal-Mart superstores, six and eight-lane asphalt stretches, forests of billboards advertising the same crap as anywhere else, and generic entertainment offerings, you gotta wonder, "What saves this town from being Anywhere USA?"

The only answer that stands the scrutiny: the people.

Yes, we the people. We the freaks, the oddballs, the wacked-out college students, the earnest activists, the bizarre politicians, the freaky drifters, the seemingly plain people with strange tales to tell.

That's what makes Lexington a town to remember.

In the words of a certain pot holder, "God Bless This Mess."

Most Beloved Local Personality

Gatewood Galbraith

Scott Peyton

Hal Mumme

What Lexington needs is a downtown. What we have now is several hotels, some retail stores (that close at 5pm or so), a sports arena, a library, a transit center and a few scattered bars. We need to add PEOPLE to that mix! Buildings shouldn't be sitting vacant for years at a time. Buildings shouldn't be torn down and become a vacant lot for two or three years. Solutions: downtown should be more pedestrian friendly. New stores and restaurants should be encouraged to open downtown. Landlords should be encouraged to maintain the buildings and keep them occupied (why they don't do this is beyond me).

-reader essay

Best Celebrity with Kentucky Roots

George Clooney

Ashley Judd

Johnny Depp

Hon Mention: Richard Hell (who got nearly as many votes as Tom Cruise, and has more authentic roots here)

Best Local Politician You Love to Hate

Ernie Fletcher

Pam Miller

Scott Crosbie

Best Urban-County Council Member

Isabel Yates

Gloria Martin

Best State Legislator

Ernesto Scorsone

Kathy Stein

Best Idea to Share with LFUCG

less development

leave KY theater alone

dog park

Best Local Developer

Frank Minnifield

Biggest Embarrassment in this years general assembly

10 Commandments debate

Bottle Bill

someone asking Kathy Stein if she believed in Jesus

Best UK Scandal of the Past Year

Wethington and the sweatshop protestors

Wethington contract

Allison's arrest

Best Construction You Can't Wait to See Finished


New Circle & Winchester


Sexiest Bachelor

Scott Peyton

Sexiest Bachelorette

Jennifer Nime

Rhonda Reeves

Ninie O'Hare

What Lexington Needs

dog park

Bogart's sized concert venue

bike lanes and trails

What Lexington Doesn't Need

more development


tie: subdivisions/SUVs