Nic and Norman’s Coming to Lexington

Nic and Norman’s Coming to Lexington

Nic and Norman’s is the restaurant brainchild of Walking Dead producer Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the show. Their locations feature art/photography by Reedus (big bald head on instagram).

Lexington is a logical choice for the opening, as Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is a Kentucky native and grew up nearby. In a 2012 Ace interview, he says, Kentucky might not have inspired the zombie apocalypse, but he agrees it does inform the distinct southern culture of both the comic and the series. “You see a lot of stories set out in Los Angeles and New York,” adding, “I thought it would be a lot more

photo of Robert Kirkman by Meagan Mack. Zombie f/x by Chris Snider

interesting to tell a story about Middle Americans. The cast of The Walking Dead is from places like Kentucky and Georgia and places like that. They are very much more trying to survive than solve the problem. I think that made the story that much more interesting.” (Actress Melissa McBride who plays Carol on the series is a Lexington native.) 

 The menu at Nic and Norman’s reads, “As artists, we are passionate about creating special moments. Beyond the screen, we recognize that this often happens while enjoying a great meal in the company of family and friends.”