Lexington Recycling Center restarting operation

Lexington Recycling Center restarting operation

Lexington Recycling Center

Lexington Recycling Center is expecting to restart curbside recycling for residents and businesses beginning Monday, May 4.

Recycling has been out of commission since April 13 due to a broken shaft. This piece of equipment is what helps sort products at the center.

Lexington Recycling Center“We know blue carts have been filling up fast with folks spending more time at home,” said Tracey Thurman, Director of Waste Management. “We are grateful that Machinex was able to quickly get us parts and work with us on the installation.”

To help keep the machines running smoothly, the center is asking residents to recycle properly. Acceptable items are:

  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Plastic screw top bottles and jugs
  • Dry corrugated cardboard with packing material removed
  • Glass bottles and jars: colored or clear

Clean paper is still continuing to be recycled (newspapers, office paper, paper mail, magazines, and catalogs). Reminder, paper can be recycled at all of the yellow bins around town:

  • Masterson Station Park, 3051 Leestown Road
  • Constitution Park, 1670 Old Paris Road
  • Veterans Park, 650 Southpoint Dr.
  • Good Foods Coop, 455 Southland Dr.
  • Lexington Recycle Center, 360 Thompson Road
  • Pleasant Ridge Park, 1350 Pleasant Ridge Dr.
  • Lexington Herald-Leader, 100 Midland Ave.
  • Chinoe Creek Apartments, 3522 Creekwood Dr 

Reminder: do not bag recyclables.


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