Fayette County Clerk’s office remains closed to the public

Fayette County Clerk’s office remains closed to the public


The Fayette County Clerk’s office will remain closed to the public until at least July 6, 2020.

Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins, Jr. explains, “Most County Clerk offices will need to remain closed to the public until after the Primary election in late June. We simply cannot risk a member of staff contracting the virus and forcing a quarantine of all or part of an office. It will jeopardize our ability to support and conduct the election.”

Core staff will continue to support mail and online transactions, and to prepare and conduct the Primary election rescheduled for June 23.

Automobile Registration and Titling

The public has two options for renewal of their vehicle registration. First, online renewal is available for most vehicles at drive.ky.gov. Second, registration renewals may be mailed to: Fayette County Clerk, 162 E. Main Street, Lexington, KY 40507

Mail-in renewals should include the prior year registration receipt, proof of insurance, and payment. Online renewal instructions are included at the website listed above.

governmentVehicle transfers may also be conducted by mail. Each transfer transaction is unique and will require information from this office to complete the forms correctly and for pricing. Citizens needing this service should consult the website for options on obtaining guidance for the transaction.

Disabled Placards and Plates

Placards may be renewed by downloading the application form from the website, signing, and mailing it to the address listed above.

New applications for temporary or permanent placards may also be mailed. The same form is used, but must also include a doctor’s signature verifying the need.

Disabled plates are renewed the same way as any other plate.

New disabled plate requests will require the form described above with a doctor’s approval. Once obtained, new requestors should contact the office for further instructions as each transaction will be unique.

Elections and Voter Registration

Voters can and should continue to register to vote or update their addresses by submitting a new registration form online at www.govoteky.com until May 26 at 4 pm. Registrations by mail must be postmarked by May 26.

Voters who qualify to absentee vote by mail due to age, disability, or illness may call the elections department at 859-255-8683 to request an application or they may submit an email request to [email protected]

The plan for expanded absentee voting has not been approved by the Fayette County Board of Elections. We will make a separate announcement when that plan is finalized, along with instructions for the public.

Notary Licenses

Notary oaths and bonding are being conducted by appointment. Consult the website for instructions on this process.

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses are being issued by appointment. Consult the website for instructions on this process.

Permanent Records, Real Estate

Document recording may be submitted by mail at the address above.

Copies of Permanent Land Records, Other Records

Copies of records may be requested by mail or by email. Consult the website for further instructions.

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