The Brownie Bae, Kentucky’s first and only brownie company

The Brownie Bae, Kentucky’s first and only brownie company

The Brownie Bae

Kentucky’s first and only brownie company


Upon the realization that nowhere in Lexington solely sells brownies, Erinn Foglesong launched her own brownie company.

The Brownie Bae is the first and only official gourmet brownie company in Kentucky. Imagine all of your favorite childhood snacks—Little Debbie’s, Dunkaroos and Frosted Animal Crackers—tastefully incorporated into unique concoctions.

Foglesong is the owner, baker, and creative mastermind behind The Brownie Bae. She’s a Kentucky native who grew up in Oldham County and attended the University of Kentucky for health education before following a different path and starting two businesses with Lexington Lettering and The Brownie Bae.

She first started The Brownie Bae in September 2019.

Before January 2020, you did not have to register with the state as a business to be a home based processor. As of January 2020, you do need permission to bake and sell from your home. Since she already had her business license, all she had to do was register with the state and trademark her business before making The Brownie Bae official. 

The claim to fame with these brownies is both their flavor combinations and sizes, some of which have weighed in at almost a pound and a half.

Each month features a different brownie with a specific theme like Pop-tarts or Oreos with the flavors changing weekly.

Rightfully named, Robert Brownie Jr. is a chocolate brownie topped with homemade chocolate chip cookie dough and finished with a drizzle of milk chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt.

The Party Animal screams nostalgia with a confetti Pop-tart stuffed inside a blondie, topped with a layer of cookie butter and vanilla buttercream and finished with white chocolate, frosted animal crackers, and Pop-tart pieces.

The PMS Brownie Chocolate will cure any and all of your sweet tooth cravings as a brownie stuffed with caramel M&Ms and chocolate chips, topped with marshmallow fluff and another layer of regular M&Ms, and finished with a frosted homemade Funfetti buttercream.

Catch The Brownie Bae at local pop up events, or order online. Orders can be placed at least 48 hours in advance through the website and an email is sent when the order is ready for pick up.

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