How YOU can help make Nicholasville Road better

How YOU can help make Nicholasville Road better

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Have you been on Nicholasville Road and just thought to yourself “Why did I choose to go this way?!” or “No shock here, just sitting in traffic.”? The city of Lexington has something you might be interested in.

The Lexington Transportation and Land Use Planners are asking for Lexingtonians to put their thinking caps on and help them re-imagine how Nicholasville Road should be. They are launching a study called “Imagine Nicholasville Road” that will help identify strategies to respond to the growth and development rate along this corridor.

asphalt with yellow lineIt will explore opportunities for retail and commercial/residential development along with solutions to improve transportation and congestion issues.

“’Imagine Nicholasville Road’ will help make sure ongoing redevelopment of the corridor aligns with our community’s goals to provide more housing units and housing options” said Kenzie Gleason, a transportation planner with the City of Lexington. “The study will also look closely at how we can move people more efficiently along the corridor, including improved transit service, and how developments can be more walkable.”

The city is hosting a public open house on Wednesday, March 4 in the Community Room at Lexington Green from 6 pm until 8 pm. This forum will be an opportunity to share project information with the community and answer any questions people may have.

lexington greenThe study is projected to be completed by fall of 2020. “At the conclusion of this study, we will have a plan in place to help guide decision-making for Nicholasville Road and ensure that its evolution is strategic and well-positioned to meet our community’s goals,” Gleason said.

For those not able to make it to the open house meeting, you can take a survey here between February 28 and March 31.

For more information about this study click here or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


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