What happened to Nash’s Southern?

What happened to Nash’s Southern?


Earlier today, Nash’s Southern Table & Bar announced on Facebook they would be closing their doors immediately. The southern comfort food restaurant was located in the former Willie’s Locally Known on Southland Drive.

Nash’s Southern Table & Bar opened four months ago when Greg, Jennifer and Chandler Lyles of Lyles BBQ Company saw the former Willie’s location as the perfect opportunity to open a new restaurant concept.

When asked what sparked the creation of Nash’s, Chandler Lyles claimed, “a beautiful building in a great location became available and checked off everything we never knew we needed or wanted. It was too good of a deal not to take advantage of.”

What the Lyles saw as a perfect location has also been deemed as a “cursed” location by many. In November 2018, Willie’s announced it was closing and the building went up for sale. It leased for three months until the Lyles family (who you might recognize from their appearance on an episode of CNBC’s ‘The Profit’) agreed to buy the building before deciding it would be used for a southern restaurant concept.

After four months, Nash’s Southern Table and Bar admitted they no longer have the money to continue to operate. They take complete responsibility and stay true to their belief that this location is not cursed.

And for the record, Lyles BBQ is not closing. As stated in the Facebook post from Nash’s, “Lyles BBQ is not closing. Lyles BBQ is not closing. I just want to reiterate that Lyles BBQ is not closing.”

Lyles BBQ Company will continue to operate the same as before and any gift cards purchased at Nash’s can be redeemed at Lyles BBQ.

This leaves us wondering, what’s next for the former Willie’s location?

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