Lexington Emergency Management completes Siren Relocation

Lexington Emergency Management completes Siren Relocation

ariel view of a courthouse

The warning siren was originally located on the roof of the Lexington Police Department parking garage. Where is it located now?

The new home for Lexington’s warning siren is now on the roof of the Fayette County District Court building.

ariel view of a courthouse

“The police headquarters location did not provide for optimum alerting coverage in the downtown area,” said Patricia Dugger, Director of Lexington Emergency Management. “With the move to the top of the district courthouse building, alerts will sound throughout downtown, especially in the frequent festival and event areas.” The siren system also has an upgraded control and sounding system.

Other sirens throughout Lexington will go through a few upgrades this year. The pole was replaced for the siren at Constitution and Lansdowne Park. “Many of the sirens are on poles that are more than 30 years old,” said Dugger. “One of the many things we plan for is the eventual replacement of these poles for our older installations.”

There are currently 30 outdoor warning sirens throughout Lexington that is maintained by Lexington Emergency Management. These sirens are used for tornado warnings and community emergencies.

Lexington Emergency Management thinks it is important for residents to remember that Lexington’s outdoor warning siren network is designed to alert persons who are outdoors in parks and golf courses. The systems are not intended to warn those indoors.

“We have many ways of staying aware of hazardous weather or other emergency conditions,” said Dugger. “We want people sign up for LexAlerts through our BeReadyLexington.com website for alerts and download our BeReady app for their mobile phones.” Emergency and preparedness information is also available through the Lexington Emergency Management social media accounts: On Facebook – @LexingtonKYEM and Twitter – @Lexkyem. Check out all of the ways you can stay aware at: http://bereadylexington.com/be-aware/

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