Women Leading Kentucky had their Winter Round Table Luncheon

Women Leading Kentucky had their Winter Round Table Luncheon

Women Leading Kentucky: woman in a blazer talking at a podium

The non-profit organization, Women Leading Kentucky, had their winter round table luncheon. Where was it held? Who was the guest speaker? Can anyone attend these events? How can you become a part of this organization?


Women Leading Kentucky: woman in a blazer talking at a podiumAt each event, Women Leading Kentucky has a guest speaker who has made a positive influence in their business and, of course, a female. Mayor Linda Gorton was the guest speaker for this particular luncheon held at The Grand Reserve. She talked about the positive presence of females in the workforce and the need to support one another.

She also mentioned the progression of Lexington and about MetroNet making its way across town and becoming a 5G city. Mayor Gorton gave a shoutout to Jayne Hancock, CEO of Wrigley Media, and talked about how instrumental they were into bringing the Drew Barrymore movie to town.

Women Leading Kentucky: women sitting at a table talking
Photo by Megan McCardwell/ Ace

Tables were filled with strangers and at one point Executive Director Carol Siler asked everyone to look at their neighbor and tell them “I’m glad you are here.” Women building women.

Believe it or not, there were a few men sprinkled throughout the place. They were there to support their business partners or significant others. Something every gender needs to do for each other.

Women Leading Kentucky: woman in blue talking at a microphone
Photo by Megan McCardwell/ Ace

Events like this are times for business owners and employees to gather and share ideas or quite possibly help each other. There was a moment towards the end where Siler invited guests who are looking for employment to stand up, walk over to the microphone, and announce who they are and what kind work they are looking for. A powerful moment for someone to put themselves out there in front of strangers. She then invited employers who are looking for employees to do the same and tell everyone what they are looking for.

Women Leading Kentucky is a non-profit organization dedicated to networking. It is a statewide network of business and professionals that will help you and your business grow and prosper.

Ways to become involved in this networking organization is to attend events, contribute to scholarships, mentor young professionals, and sign up to receive their free e-newsletter. No membership is required.



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