Lexington supports Bradford BBQ in wake of family tragedy

Lexington supports Bradford BBQ in wake of family tragedy

Joe and Cynthia Beemer, of Paducah KY

Matt Bradford and Jennifer Cooper Bradford of Bradford BBQ, pioneers of Lexington’s food truck scene, sustained a tragedy earlier this week when Jennifer’s parents were killed in a collision on Versailles Road.

The Paducah couple, Joseph and Cynthia Beemer (“Granny Bee and Papa Joe”), had visited their Lexington family for Thanksgiving and were returning home to western Kentucky when their vehicle was struck on Versailles Road in a fatal collision.

An investigation into the accident is expected to delay funeral arrangements, and the Bradfords have temporarily closed their brick and mortar establishment in Zandale while they attend to family business.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.20.13 PM
Jennifer and Matt Bradford of Bradford BBQ

The Bradfords played a pivotal role in  establishing Lexington’s first food truck work group and pilot program, and Lexington’s food truck community has created a Give Forward page to raise funds for Bradford BBQ that will offset their temporary closure. Bradford BBQ is expected to re-open next week; follow their facebook page for exact dates.


  1. Thank you Ace for honoring our parents. The world was a better place with Cindy and Joe in it. Cindy adopted me when I was 10 weeks old, Joe inherited me when he married my Mom, Cindy. Together they were a powerhouse of goodness. They were Christians, not the kind that hit you over the head with a bible, the kind that went through life helping others, always. Cindy “Granny Bee” delivered meals for the sick, sat with the ill, and did whatever needed for her family. Joe “Papa Joe” was the president of the Lion’s Club assisting children with glasses, volunteered at church, mowed lawns & performed repairs for those in need. Papa Joe gave blood, platelets, and plasma…. FOR FREE on schedule, just to help people. Good deeds aside, they had fun. Laughter was always in the air when they were around. Always a smile, kind word, and thoughtful saying. They were never in a hurry and had time for everyone, even when they really were in a hurry! Thank you Lexington, and ACE, for the love and support. Jen & Matt