Yamaguchi’s to Close

Yamaguchi’s to Close

Yamaguchis_to_closeBreaking culinary hearts all over Lexington was today’s news that Yamaguchi’s Sake and Tapas will close at the end of November.

They announced their “Grand Finale” schedule today on Facebook, telling fans:

“It has been honored to serve the most wonderful guests! Our lease is up and we have decided to close at the end of November. We have never been treated with so much respects, appreciation, and love and it was extremely difficult for us to make a decision; however, we have decided to go home.”

The hours for their final days as listed on Facebook are:

Nov. 12 (Thu) ~ Nov.14 (Sat) 6:00pm~11:00pm
Nov.15 (Sun) Chef’ Lunch 1:00pm~4:00pm
Nov. 19 (Thu) ~ Nov. 21(Sat) 6:00pm~11:00pm
Nov.22 (Sun) Chef’ Lunch 1:00pm~4:00pm
Nov. 26 (Thu) ~ Nov. 28 (Sat) 6:00pm~11:00pm
Nov.29(Sun) Chef’ Lunch 1:00pm~4:00pm

Yamaguchi’s has long been one of Lexington’s best kept secrets (“Kue, Hirasuzuki, Kasago, Seki-aji. The finest ingredients you can find. You do not have to go to NY or LA. They are right here hidden in Codell Dr.”)—and a cult favorite among fans of authentic Japanese cuisine, who never objected to the 8 pm open time, not when it meant the best prep in town on fare like barracuda, pork jowls, and steamed monkfish liver (“foie gras of the ocean”). Offering an intimate and idiosyncratic setting and menu, the husband-wife proprietors (executive chef Hidenori Yamaguchi, and Shima Yamaguchi) received premium seafood from Japan every Wednesday, which usually meant a wildly popular slightly limited menu and halfprice sake on Tuesdays. Small parties of well-behaved adults were welcome, and the owners were frank about their preferences in customers via social media, “Normal conversations of 7 or more people is TOO LOUD for your very next table to enjoy conversations in normal volume,” and the two are much beloved among Lexington food fans who appreciate a true Japanese tapas menu.

In other words, now you know what you’re doing for Thanksgiving supper after you’re tired of the turkey. Reservations could be tricky, as their website has always cheerfully maintained, “Our phone number is not listed and the phone is turned off all the time to provide cozy hideaway experience for our guests.”