Emerge 2014 Keynote Inspires “Bluegrass Love” Campaign

Emerge 2014 Keynote Inspires “Bluegrass Love” Campaign

At Commerce Lexington’s Emerge 2014 conference, Adam Braun told attendees the story of how he left the heady world of finance to pursue something of greater meaning in his life. That happened to be the non-profit called Pencils of Promise which Braun founded. The organization builds schools, trains teachers, funds scholarships, and at the heart of is a sense of community.

full_1401808594As contributor Kakie Urch reported when Ace attended Braun’s keynote, his success has largely “hinged on many participants with enthusiasm, small donations, large scale and social media.”

Well that enthusiasm has now spread to the Bluegrass since Braun’s keynote here and a few members of the Kentucky community have decided to come together to fund a school themselves.

The school, if it reaches its $25,000 goal, will be called “Bluegrass Love” and the page for the fundraiser. The campaigns creators hope to rally those in, around, and formerly from Kentucky to meet the goal and give Braun’s Pencils of Promise a Bluegrass touch.

If you’d like to donate you can do so at the “Bluegrass Love” campaign website where you can participate either as an individual or as a team.