Cheers to National IPA Day 2013

Cheers to National IPA Day 2013

photo Chris Snider

Today is National IPA Day. A few short years ago, that might have meant almost nothing in Lexington.

Last year, it was an occasion for cautious optimism for craft brew lovers in the bluegrass.

This year, it’s practically a Lexington official holiday.

West Sixth has lived to fight another day, after launching its amber-canned IPA. Country Boy celebrated its first birthday. Lexington celebrated its first craft beer week.

Alltech is now canning the Kentucky IPA, which they describe as “a hoppy, golden-hued American India Pale Ale with bright citrus flavors and sweet floral aromas that come from liberal dry-hopping with American Hops,”  taking the time to alert the media that, “The India Pale Ale style is the fastest growing craft beer style on the U.S. market, and last year, the style boasted the highest dollar sales for craft beers (SIG Data, 2012).”

Blue Stallion opened; Chase Tap Room is on the way just around the corner; and as Chris Campbell wrote, “Lexington is not just a one beer town anymore.”