Lexington’s Euclid Kroger evacuated for fire.

Lexington’s Euclid Kroger evacuated for fire.


Lexington’s Kroger on Euclid (Disco Kroger) was evacuated earlier this evening for what appeared to be an electrical fire outside. Sparks, flames, and smoke were readily visible near the roof area of the store’s southeast corner. Employees were told it was the transformer. Police and fire responded immediately. No injuries reported, but the power was disconnected, temporarily closing the 24/7 location.

The Kroger on Euclid serves the campus and Chevy Chase neighborhoods, and was recently approved for new zoning and variances by Lexington planning and zoning (subject to LFUCG full council approval) that will allow a new version of the store to be built that will occupy most of the lot, almost to the edges of the current Euclid and Marquis borders.

By 8:30 pm, only a few firefighters remained on site, but the store remained closed while crews investigated and customers were turned away.