Who Survives Hollywood Week on American Idol?

Who Survives Hollywood Week on American Idol?

Lauren Mink, American Idol contestant
Kentucky gal, Lauren Mink makes it past Group round.

More than 100 girls made it to Hollywood Week on American Idol — two Kentucky girls advanced this far: Kelly Casey and Lauren Mink — but only 76 girls remained after the first round cuts.

The group round twist: they didn’t get to pick their own groups. In one night, they have to agree on a song from a list of 20; arrange it; then choreograph it. Nineteen groups of girls must perform, accompanied by the Idol band — performing together, but judged and eliminated individually.

Winchester gal Lauren Mink bonded with her Raising Cane group, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” They all advanced. Mink said “This is what I worried about the most.”

“Almost Famous” is up next, and does not fare so well.

An American Idol app is introduced in between segments.

Tonight is curtains for Chicago favorite Brandy Neeley.

Tune in tomorrow night.








  1. I liked Raising Cane and I was glad they advanced. They had their stuff together and I look forward to hearing more individually from them. Of course the live episodes are what everyone really waits for, but getting there has been so fast and fun, even if the talent has been lacking. I’ve watched Idol from the beginning and I wouldn’t miss it for the world, and never do because my DISH Hopper automatically records American Idol on FOX. Now I don’t worry about time changes or delays that make me miss Idol and that way I can talk about it when I’m at work at DISH, because American Idol is a popular conversation since we’re all TV junkies.