First Phase of Lexington Food Truck Resolution Passes

First Phase of Lexington Food Truck Resolution Passes

Food Truck Blast 2012. Photo


Food Truck Blast 2012. Photo

As Lexington approaches the two-year anniversary of the formation of an Itinerant Merchant Task Force, there’s been a flurry of new activity surrounding the governance of Lexington’s emerging food truck scene, and tonight it hit a milestone as Lexington Fayette Urban County Council passed a resolution and the first half of an ordinance that streamlines the process governing mobile food vendors.

The Bluegrass Food Truck Association made an impassioned plea for bureaucratic relief before the Council on January 17. Vice Mayor Linda Gorton formed a Food Truck Work Group on February 1, in an effort to streamline some of the bureaucratic process.

On February 19, the Mobile Food Truck Work Group’s recommendations made it to the Economic Development Committee. The first half of the proposed ordinance drafted by CM Shevawn Akers was approved by Economic Development, and tonight was passed by Council.

Bluegrass Food Truck Association director Sean Tibbetts addressed the Council this evening:

“The leadership of Council Member Akers, and the participation of Council Members Clarke, Lawless, Farmer, and Stinnett, along with the support of the entire council — you’ve better enabled entrepreneurs and job creators to spend less time in government buildings and spend more time going to work. A resounding thank you.”

In summary, the first half of the proposed ordinance drafted by CM Akers:

  • Eliminates the requirement and subsequent $15 fee for mobile food vendors to update the Division of Revenue with every address where they set up;
  • Removes the requirement to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from Building Inspection; and
  • Requires business owners to obtain a free Zoning Compliance Certificate valid for two years from the Division of Zoning and Planning to ensure retail food sales are permitted in their zone.

The next Food Truck Work Group meeting will be on March 1, 2013.

(The two-year anniversary of the formation of the Itinerant Merchant Task Force will be April 20. It was formed in 2011.)

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