Winter Storm Freyr: the Cocktail and Drinking Game

Winter Storm Freyr: the Cocktail and Drinking Game


Winter Storm Freyr (rhymes with flair) has arrived, named for the Norse fertility God. He is “usually depicted with a large erect penis,” (?) which seems to indicate a better fit for naming a tornado, but who are we to argue?

There is usually a baby boom nine months after any storm that involves long term power outages, so maybe those Weather Channel guys are just being clever.

One thing is for certain: one of the few good things about a winter storm is a good winter storm cocktail, and even better, a winter storm drinking game to responsibly while away the hours when no one can drive anyway.

You won’t want to venture out for provisions to all the stores that were deforested of bread and milk days ago, so you need a cocktail that’s easily assembled from ingredients you’ll obviously have on-hand post holidays.

(You are probably fighting off a cold after all that holiday togetherness, so this cocktail could also be considered medicinal…Not by your doctor, maybe, so just don’t invite them to your Winter Storm Party.)

The Freyr Hot Bourbon Toddy


1 part bourbon
1 part hot water (or hot apple cider)
1 lemon wedge per serving
1 cinnamon stick per serving
1 T. honey per serving


Add honey to the mug or (heat resistant) glass. Add hot water or hot cider and stir until the honey dissolves. Add bourbon. Squeeze lemon wedge. Stir with cinnamon stick, and serve.

If demon rum is your preferred drink, you could also serve this Hot Buttered Rum from the archives.




Freyr: The Winter Storm Drinking Game

For those over 21, gather up your loved ones — the ones you want to ride out Snowmageddon with — and designate a driver… Turn on your favorite news station or The Weather Channel.

Take a sip every time…

-a weather person jovially throws a snowball at a camera person.
-there’s a lingering closeup of a snow plow.
-there’s an instant replay of a vehicle going into an uncontrollable skid.
-time lapse video of weather is shown.
-an anchor says “speaking of snow.”
-the “StormCon” graphic appears.

Take a drink every time…
-a local or national segment is filmed in front of giant piles of salt or sand.
-an anchor recommends a warm beverage (“stay inside with your coffee…cocoa…hot cider, folks!”)
-there is an explanation of why Winter Storms are named now.
-there is an explanation of how naming Storms can mess with your insurance.
-the word “Megalopolis” is used to describe a northeastern corridor.

Switch immediately to hot coffee if…
-Jim Cantore or Al Roker shows up in your zip code.

Chug when…
-Pat Robertson releases his statement on who is to blame for the storm.