Feel That? The Kentucky Earthquake Social Media Drinking Game

Feel That? The Kentucky Earthquake Social Media Drinking Game

"Feel an earthquake?" you can report it at this site.

Now that it appears everyone is safe from the 4.3 earthquake that rattled Kentucky today — prompting media coverage all the way out at the L.A. Times (where they know from earthquakes) — what measures should Kentuckians consider? A survival kit? Check the bottled water supplies? Preparations to shelter in place? Of course.

“Feel an earthquake?” you can report it at this site.

And after that, assemble your over-21 loved ones and responsibly designate a sober driver for The Kentucky Earthquake Social Media Drinking Game (or raid your survival kits, bust out the sleeping bags, and host the Kentucky Earthquake Drinking Game + Pajama Jammy Jam).

You will need:

-reliable wi-fi;

-ample screens for everyone to enjoy (iPads, smartphones, even laptops will do);

-a libation of choice (it should, of course, contain Bourbon; this is a Kentucky earthquake, for God’s sake. Might we recommend the Election Night Old Fashioned or perhaps the Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm? Recycling is eco-friendly.);

Next: log on to your preferred social media (twitter, facebook, tumblr, pinterest…even StumbleUpon will do).

For one half hour, monitor mainstream media’s social media earthquake coverage.

Sip your drink every time:
-a media outlet asks, “did you feel that?”
-a story of more than 1000 words is linked to recount the lack of damages;
-any reporter mentions the Mayans;
-Biblical weather patterns are referenced by otherwise secular media;
-the Kentucky earthquake is referred to as a Tennessee earthquake (two sips if the Vols are referenced);

Take a drink any time:
-any member of Kentucky media makes a Jarrod Polson joke (“that wasn’t an earthquake…”)
-a reporter states the actual number of people who felt the quake (was it 200?);
-“end of days” or “end times” are mentioned;
-“Zombie Apocalypse” and “Walking Dead” jokes are made.

Take a shot if:

-Hurricane Sandy, Athena, and earthquakes are all mentioned in one tweet;
-anyone names the Kentucky earthquake.

Brew a strong pot of coffee if:

-Jim Cantore begins tweeting from anywhere within 100 miles of you.