What is 36,897 on the signs around Lexington?

What is 36,897 on the signs around Lexington?

You’ve seen the signs all around Lexington that read cryptically: 36,897.

The number is linked to an awareness campaign about homelessness in Lexington, with a kickoff event listed for October 28, at Central Christian Church, prior to the downtown Thriller Parade.

Campaign organizers say “The Face of Homelessness of Lexington is an effort to create awareness in our community of the reality of homelessness and make us better informed and more compassionate toward our fellow citizens who have no place to call home.”

It is sponsored by The Street Voice Council and the Community Inn.

The campaign kickoff is Sunday October 28 at 5 pm in the Central Christian Church fellowship hall, with dinner and video presentations. The campaign concludes on November 18 at Central Christian Church.