Lexington in the Washington Post: Writer roams our Cheapside Square

Lexington in the Washington Post: Writer roams our Cheapside Square

The city’s “third space,” where Mecca Live Dance Studio spontaneously did a mass “Thriller” dance before thousands gathered to honor Michael Jackson in the space where slaves were once sold is now full of the incremental payoff of the work of so many in Lexington dedicated to sustainability and community.

In a new article in the Washington Post, Roaming the Public Square of Lexington, KY, travel writer Robin Soslow introduces Cheapside Square and Lexington with:

“blue grass, roving minstrels, fiery potions, peanut-butter breezes, dancing zombies, symbol-encrusted loaves of bread: This is either a hallucination or a day in the park. Specifically, Cheapside Park, the public square in Lexington, Ky.”

The article details the square’s history as a Kentucky slave market, a few new drinking and dining options surrounding the square,  the award-winning farmers market (along with the bike-powered smoothies), and of course, the upcoming Thriller parade.

(left) Farmers’ Market Pavilion, (center) the Old Fayette Co. Courthouse, vacated in July due to lead-based paint, (right) future location of 21c

Lexington’s Cheapside Square was also featured as a “model public square” in June 2012 Urban Times.

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P.S. Click here for Mecca’s 2012 Thriller zombie rehearsal schedule.