Ace Picks: Lexington Calendar for October 4 through October 11, 2012

Ace Picks: Lexington Calendar for October 4 through October 11, 2012



Fall is what it’s all about in Lexington, Kentucky as the magnificent Keeneland Fall Meet starts Friday, kicking off a week in the bluegrass that will include Bike Prom; the first entry in this fall’s UK Little/Gaines series; a 90th birthday party for the Kentucky Theatre; a trip to Lexington for the Reddit crew; a vice presidential debate in Danville… and that isn’t even the half of it.

You can also get your hounds blessed this weekend down at the Lexington Farmers Market (courtesy Christ Church Cathedral); race for the Cure; bone up on the Vote at a candidates’ forum at the Lexington Public Library downtown; jaunt over to Georgetown for the Festival of the Horse; or trek to Louisville for the fabulous St. James Art Fair.

But wait, there’s more.


It seems only yesterday we were writing about the early fundraising efforts to restore the Kentucky Theatre’s Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ. In fact, it was 1995. Tonight, the Kentucky Mighty Wurlitzer  celebrates the Kentucky Theatre’s 90th anniversary by showing a new print of the 1929 first Academy-Award winning silent picture, Wings, with live theatre organ accompaniment.


Keeneland’s Fall Meet begins today.

photo by Ian Davis

The late Christopher Hitchens once wrote, of Keeneland, in Vanity Fair, “A bit like Cuba’s, Kentucky’s economy depends almost entirely on things that are good for you but are said to be bad for you: Cuba has sugar, rum and tobacco; and Kentucky has bourbon, tobacco, and horse racing. When you see the Derby run on TV, the cameras linger on opulence in hats and horseflesh, and the farms often look like rolling feudal estates, but if you go to Keeneland [sic] racetrack at Lexington you see…real, popular participation in the sport of kings.”

He was mistaken about a lot of that of course. The cameras at Derby are typically lingering on corpulence more than opulence at Churchill Downs. Keeneland far more closely resembles an English day at the races.


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Let’s start with Traffic, and work backward from there. What time is the UK Game? UK takes on Mississippi state at home. Kickoff at 12:21.

Early risers will be thronging Lexington’s downtown streets Saturday morning to Race for the Cure. At 11:30 am, Christ Church Cathedral will treat animal lovers to the annual Blessing of the Hounds (and maybe kitties or gerbils and what-have-you) on the steps by Farmers Market at Cheapside Square.

After lunch (or if you finish tailgating early, and we suspect you might), the League of Women Voters and Lexington Public Library will host a congressional candidate’s forum.

If you’re downtown Saturday evening, keep an eye out for cyclists in some highly reflective takes on formal wear. It’s Bike Prom, benefiting the Living Arts and Science Center.

And for anyone who stays up late and likes it REAL LOUD, Taildragger plays Willie’s Locally Known.


The Festival of the Horse in Georgetown or Louisville’s St. James Art Fair would make for a lovely Sunday drive, but matinee fans could take in crashing chandeliers at UK Opera Theatre’s  performance of Phantom of the Opera, or Lexington’s GLSO film series at the Library. (Sunday’s entry is the Dutch film, Northsea Texas.)

Racing fans will have more to love than just Keeneland this weekend. Friends and fans of the late Thoroughbred Times will gather for a lunch at the Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Center for book signings, lunch, and a memorabilia auction.


Click to read Ace’s 1990 interview with Kiya Heartwood.

UK’s Gaines Center is one of those institutions that makes a college town like Lexington beyond awesome. The first artist in the Fall 2012 Little/Gaines Series is Mary Rezsny, with Collaborate: a creative visual potential.

Does anybody (or everybody) remember the Lexington 80s band Stealin Horses? Kiya Heartwood plays Natasha’s tonight.


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Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian and Erik Martin are bussing across the U.S. sowing the seeds of democracy and will co-host a Debate Eve shindig with Lexington’s own Curtis at West Sixth.

Tonight is the Kentucky Theatre’s 90th birthday party. You get to eat the cake. (They’d like a few presents though. About $1.5 million of em. Click here.)


And finally, all eyes will be on Danville, Kentucky as Centre College hosts the Vice Presidential debate, the Thrill in the Ville. Tickets? Forget about it. But there is a Festival outside on the lawn and it includes Kentucky fave Ben Sollee. The one sure Winner will be Burke’s Bakery on Danville’s Main Street. (Do not think about leaving town without trying their world-famous donuts.)


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Lexington, Kentucky Music Listings
OCTOBER 4 – OCTOBER 11, 2012

Chris Campbell Band 5 pm, Thursday Night Live, Cheapside Park
Storefront Congregation 9 pm, Natasha’s
Langhorne Slim and the Law 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Mail the Horse | Snoozerz | Best Friends Band 9.30, Green Lantern
Crazy Janie 8 pm, Henry Clay’s Public House
Boogie G & The Titanics 8.30 pm, Parlay Social
Jacob Reynolds Band 10 pm, Tin Roof
The Kentucky Hoss Cats 8 pm, Willie’s Locally Known

Warren Byrom and the Fabled Canelands | Wilder Maker 10 pm, Al’s Bar
Slug Guts 10 pm, Al’s Sidecar
PRHBTN 2.0 8 pm, Buster’s Billiards and Backroom
Plan B 9.30 pm, Bigg Blue Martini
Flashback 9 pm, Bogart’s in Crowne Plaza
Ben Lacy, The Cellar
The Sundog Revival 10 pm, Cheapside Bar
Generationals | Devin 10 pm Cosmic Charlie’s
Vibrolas | Honah Lee | Dead Dick Hammer, Green Lantern
Scott Said 9 pm, Henry Clay’s Public House
Justin and Parsons 11 pm, Lynagh’s Pub
Mitch Barrett | Owen Reynolds 9 pm, Natasha’s
See Alice 10 pm, O’Neill’s
Jordan English 9.30 pm, Parlay Social
Caught Red Handed 9 pm, Southside Pub
Brinley Addlington 10 pm, Tin Roof

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers 10 pm, Al’s Bar
Fiona Apple 8 pm, Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati
A Thousand Times No 8 pm, The Attic
Plan B 9.30, Bigg Blue Martini
Flashback 9 pm, Bogart’s in Crowne Plaza
Wayne Whitehouse, The Cellar
The Sundog Revival 10 pm, Cheapside Bar
Rasputina | Fawn Fables 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Rough Customers | Demon Waffle 9 pm, Green Lantern
Fabulous Expletives 9 pm, Henry Clay’s Public House
The Footsteps 11 pm, Lynagh’she Velvet Blue 9 pm, Natasha’s
See Alice 10 pm, O’Neill’s
Jordan English 9.30 pm, Parlay Social
Caught Red Handed 9 pm, Southside Pub
Brinley Addlington 10 pm, Tin Roof
Taildragger 10 pm, Willie’s Locally Known

Jorma Kaukonen 9 pm, Natasha’s
Slightly Stoopid 8 pm, Buster’s
Relic Delic 11 pm, Lynagh’s Pub

Caroline Herring | Shel 6.45 pm, Woodsongs,
Kentucky Theatre
Caravan of Thieves 9 pm, Natasha’s

Sonic Spank 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Yonder Mountain String Band 8 pm, Headliners, Louisville
Kiya Heartwood 9 pm, Natasha’s

Laurel River Line 7 pm, Red Barn Radio, ArtsPlace
Buckcherry | Saving Abel 8 pm, Buster’s
Jessie Laine Powell 9 pm, Natasha’s

Rooster’s Crow 9 pm, Al’s Bar
Blind Corn Liquor Pickers 5 pm, Thursday Night Live, Cheapside Park
Monika Herzig Trio 7 pm, Central Branch Public Library
Ampline | Mad Anthony | Alone at 3am | Hotel War 8 pm, Green Lantern
The Gibson Brothers 8 pm, Natasha’s

Al`s Bar 601 Limestone St 859.252.9104
ArtsPlace 161 N. Mill Street
The Attic Bar 2628 Richmond Rd. 859.268.0332
Atomic Café 265 Limestone St. 859-254-1969
Austin City Saloon 2350 Woodhill Drive 859.266.6891
Bar Lexington: 373 East Main St. 859-523-7694
Bigg Blue Martini 369 W. Vine St. 859.231.9000
Black Box Theater 141 E. Main St. 859.225.0370
Bogart`s at Crowne Plaza 1375 S. Broadway 859.255.4281
Buster`s Billiards & Backroom 899 Manchester St. 859.368.8871
Campus Pub 393 Waller Ave 859.231.0957
The Cellar 3256 Lansdowne Drive 859.317.8301
Cheapside 131 Cheapside 859.254.0046
Chevy Chase Inn 833 East Euclid Ave. 859.266.9422
Common Grounds 343 E. High St. 859.233.9761
Coffee Times Coffee House: 2571 Regency Rd.

Cosmic Charlie`s 388 Woodland Ave. 859.309.9499
Giuseppe`s: 4456 Nicholasville Rd. 859-272-4269
Grapevine 4101 Tates Creek Rd. 859.273.7788
Green Lantern 497 W. Third St. 859.252.9539
Henry Clay’s Public House 112 N. Upper Street
Horse and Barrel at DeSha`s 101 N. Broadway 859.259.3771
The Julep Cup 111 Woodland Ave 859-226-0300
Kentucky Theatre 214 East Main Street 859.231.6997

Land of Tomorrow 527 E. Third Street
Lynagh`s Irish Pub 384 Woodland Ave. 859.255.1292
Malibu Pub and Grill 239 Surfside Dr. 859.278.9003
Natasha`s 112 Esplanade 859.259.2754
O`Neill`s Irish Pub 2051 Richmond Rd. 859.266.4488
Parlay Social 257 W. Short Street
The Secret Bar and Grill 841 Lane Allen Road

Shamrocks Bar and Grill154 N. Patchen Dr. 859.269.7621
ShowMe’s Restaurant: 1973 Bryant Rd. – 859-317-8625
Southside Pub 3650 Boston Rd. 859.223.4775
Squires Tavern 3429 Buckhorn Dr. 859.317.8887
Tee Dee’s Club 266 E Second St 859.335.8440
Tin Roof 303 S. Limestone St. 859.317.9111
Two Keys Tavern 333 S. Limestone St. 859.254.5000
Vue 201 E. Main Street, 15th Floor
Willie’s Locally Known 805 N. Broadway