Music City Invading Cosmic Charlie’s This Weekend

Music City Invading Cosmic Charlie’s This Weekend

This post has been updated with new date information.

Two great bands from Music City are invading the Horse Capitol’s favorite mid-size venue this weekend.  Up and coming prog-rock powerhouse Moon Taxi will be laying down the funky foundations on Friday while underground jungle-rockers Sol Cat will be rolling into town August 27.
Moon Taxi

Moon Taxi, still chugging on an incredible tour schedule, will be conquering Cosmic Charlie’s this Friday night.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Trevor Turndrup, lead singer of Moon Taxi, who made me aware that these guys aren’t noobs when it comes to playing the Euclid-Woodland corner. “Some of the fondest memories I have starting out, I guess this is four years back, when we were first starting out and getting around to places outside of Nashville we used to go up to this place called the Fishtank in Lexington and they would just have the craziest people and have the craziest parties…  We played for the first time for about fifteen or twenty people…  So then we came back maybe a few months later and they had told everyone in town about us and there were a shit-ton of people there.  And then the third time we came you couldn’t fit one more person inside… Well that place closed down and now we play at Cosmic Charlie’s.”  Moon Taxi have played Bonnaroo and Forecastle this year, and will be playing Lollapalooza in August.  Moon Taxi is playing on Friday with The Big Maracas.  You can get tickets here for $12.    

Sol Cat

Sol Cat is an intriguing new team of musicians from Nashville.  They have the rough grain of a rock band but aren’t a rock band, The lyrical strength of a soul group without being a soul group and the dance-floor sensibilities of disco without being disco.  It’s a strange melting pot of style supported with a talented six-piece band.  Lead singer Brett Hamman extends a humble invitation to those attending: “To be able to play in the horse capitol of the world is a true honor.  We invite those who are proud to call this great city home out to a joyous night of music at Cosmic Charlie’s.”  Sol Cat is coming back from a very active spring season with shows at SXSW, CMJ Festival and Florida Music Fest. Make sure you catch them on the 27th.