Books in this Week’s Ace: Nikky Finney; Voices from the Peace Corps

Books in this Week’s Ace: Nikky Finney; Voices from the Peace Corps

In this week’s Ace, on stands now, Bianca Spriggs sits down with poet Nikky Finney and talks about her new book, Head Off & Split: Poems.

Here’s a taste:

University of Kentucky Professor of Creative Writing, Nikky Finney, author of On Wings Made of Gauze, Rice, and The World Is Round, finds herself taken with the no holds barred launch of her new collection, “Anything that has happened for me and a book was because I put the book on my back. I put it in my trunk. I got in a car or walked or got on a plane and took it wherever I was going…I just never had this kind of beginning. You do the work with the book. You work for five or six years and then it comes back and you say okay now what do you do, which direction do you go? That’s totally different with this book.”

On pages 4 and 5, you can read excerpts from Voices from the Peace Corps: Fifty Years of Kentucky Volunteers (Kentucky Remembered: An Oral History Series), recently published by University Press of Kentucky. Stories from Ace’s former art director, Michael Geneve, are included.

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