Deadline approaches for Lexington Kickstarter Projects

Deadline approaches for Lexington Kickstarter Projects

The deadline is rapidly approaching for two Lexington projects currently listed on Kickstarter and seeking funding, and a third has just joined the mix.

Institute 193 has secured 26 backers and pledges of $795 — of $1,000 needed — for Spud Crazy. The funding deadline is February 1. Producer/director Jean Donohue has 58 backers and pledges of $5,346 for the feature documentary, The Last of the Pagan Babies. The funding deadline is February 5 and the funding goal is $7500. The March Madness Marching Band seeks to fund “The Road to Honk,” an upcoming festival trip to Austin.

Info from the SPUD CRAZY Kickstarter page:

“Institute 193 and J.T. Dockery would like to publish SPUD CRAZY, an excerpt from a graphic novel currently in the works by JT Dockery and Nick Tosches. The limited “art-edition” version will include 40 illustrated pages with an essay written by Bob Levin, author of “The Pirates and the Mouse: Disney’s War Against the Counterculture” and “Outlaws, Rebels, Freethinkers, Pirates & Pornographers” among other titles. Richard Hell, the frontman of the early punk rock band Richard Hell & The Voidoids, and an accomplished novelist will write an introduction for the book. Spud Crazy will also be accompanied by a musical soundtrack composed by J.T. Dockery, Robert Beatty, Justin Eslinger, and Brian Manley otherwise known as the Spud Imperials. The book will be printed as an oversize “comic” measuring 9″ x 12″ and will be sealed in a printed glassine envelope. Each issue will be signed and numbered by the artist. 200 copies will be made. This publication will be accompanied by an exhibition at Institute 193, opening Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 6 PM.”

Info excerpted from The Last of the Pagan Babies Kickstarter page:
“THE LAST OF THE PAGAN BABIES tells the rich story of a rural Southern radical gay culture and art underground — an international crossroads of art, sex, and politics, Lexington, Kentucky.

Photo of Bradley Picklesimer by Guy Mendes

Featuring underground luminaries Robert Morgan, Jimmy Gordon, Bradley Picklesimer, Henry Faulkner, Marion Broadus, Sweet Evening Breeze, the film includes experimental video and film (including an early George Kuchar film, KY KAPERS), paintings, music, and the art photography of John Ashley.

A collective, The Pagan Babies were outrageous artists, who spoke truth to power, and made radical decisions to bring their voice into public life through drag personas, art, photography, experimental film, and guerilla theatre. The characters in this documentary speak from that underground’s moral center claiming their right of expression, refusing to be invisible while giving voice to 150 years of underground life. They are still sources of deep inspiration for generations of refugees that make up Lexington’s underground.

Subjects include: Sue Mundy; Belle Breezing, madam and political powerhouse (1890s) after whom Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With Wind’s ‘Belle’ was modeled; Sweet Evening Breeze (1940s); international painter, blues singer and drag artist Henry Faulkner (1940s-1981) and his lifelong lover Tennessee ‘Tom’ Williams; and underground icons such as Williams Burroughs, Divine (made famous by John Waters), Jamie Herlihy (author of Midnight Cowboy), Vincent Price, celebrity photographer Marie Cosindas, and Hollywood couple Rock Hudson and Gene Barry.

Oral history is combined with music, art, photography and video with Mike Kelsay, Steve Armstrong, Diane Kahlo, Sherri McGee, Gene Williams, Charles Dansby, Frank Close, Fred Mills, Loraine Sanders, and more. The music track will be scored by Lydian Tone with original music by Jimmy Gordon and the Royal Batfangs, the 80s drag/punk rock group The Thrusters featuring Bradley Picklesimer, Lydian Tone, Willie Shuman among others, and, music composed and performed by Lydian Tone.

The documentary would premiere sometime in 2011 at the Kentucky Theatre.

March Madness Marching Band has also established a Kickstarter page to fund an upcoming trip to Austin, Texas, where they have been invited to perform in a festival of activist street bands. Their project currently has 9 backers who have pledged $450, of their $2500 goal. Their deadline for funding their  Road to Honk trip is February 20.

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