This Year’s Models: Who Will They Be?

This Year’s Models: Who Will They Be?


Who are This Year’s Models in Lexington? Model Citizens? Visionaries? Innovators? Big Thinkers who are also long on Action? 

Every year, Ace celebrates “This Year’s Models” with a special year-end Annual Edition. All year long, the readers nominate Lexingtonians who have made a difference in making Lexington a better place to live.

Past “models” have included Jim Gray (now Mayor Jim Gray); Alltech’s Pearse Lyons; Local First’s Lori and Hap Houlihan; Latitude’s Bruce Burris; SustainLex’s Jim Embry; Debra Hensley; Seedleaf’s Becca Self; Affrilachian poets Crystal Wilkinson and Frank X Walker (different years); Buster’s proprietors Clark and Jessica Case; and many more. 

Readers who want to weigh in on “This Year’s Models” for 2010 should send a brief email to acelist at highlighting the considerable virtues of a nominee. Show, don’t tell. Tell us a story that exemplifies this person’s “model” characteristics. (Be sure to include followup contact info for the person doing the nominating.)