Secretariat Premieres at Kentucky Theatre

Secretariat Premieres at Kentucky Theatre

“A quote was shared with me from Steve Jobs who said, ‘When you have a brand, it’s like a bank account. With every offering, you’re either making a withdrawal or a deposit on the brand…I feel like these kinds of movies are real brand deposits.”

–new Disney production President, Sean Bailey, to the LA Times, on Secretariat

Governor Beshear [photo by Kakie Urch] drew a big laugh when he introduced tonight’s Kentucky premiere of Secretariat at the Kentucky Theatre by quoting sportswriter Bill Nack in the movie (Entourage‘s Kevin Connolly), “They asked me ‘why do you cover horse racing?’ I used to cover politicians and now I want to cover the other end of the horse.'”

The movie’s L.A. premiere was September 30 (with an after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel).

Tonight’s local premiere benefited the Secretariat Foundation, and was attended by Secretariat owner Penny Chenery, and Diane Lane (who plays her in the movie). [photo of Diane Lane by Kakie Urch]

The movie is directed by Randall Wallace; produced by the team behind Miracle; and filmed at both Keeneland and Churchill Downs. (Keeneland was also the site of filming for 2003’s Seabiscuit and 2005’s Dreamer.)

Secretariat opens October 8, 2010.
Click here for Secretariat Movie Times and to purchase movie tickets.

Click here to purchase the William Nack book, Secretariat, that “suggested” the movie.


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