Paul K in Lexington

Paul K in Lexington


Paul K plays Cosmic Charlie’s tonight, Saturday, September 11, 2010. He says, “it should be interesting because I am playing all new songs with an all new lineup. The set will likely be more noisy than usual and totally different from any recent performances although there will prolly be some quiet acoustic songs.”

The upcoming documentary, A Wilderness of Mirrors, includes live footage and dozens of interviews (including  Glenn Kotche of Wilco).  

Paul says, the movie “is done as far as filming goes. There is only editing to be finished and not too much of that. Most recently John Bosch and his cinematographer Sean were able to film actor and singer songwriting standout ‘bonnie prince’ will oldham (the palace brothers) to perform the song ‘imperial statues’ for the movie. Two days later the pair were flying over Louisville shooting aerial footage for the alien reconnaissance scenes. Later that day they filmed the crashed flying saucer in anderson county. Their film a wilderness of mirrors is going to be wonderful even though I’m frankly not that crazy about the lead character.”