Home Game. Invite the rowdy friends to come over tonight.

Home Game. Invite the rowdy friends to come over tonight.


Well, here we are, that September Saturday that the blue faithful look forward to each year after making their winter trip to Nashville to watch the Cats get their Bowlness on. It’s home-frickin’-opener time. And it’s a night game. And it’s against an in-state school…And it might rain. And yes, my farming friends, I know, “we need it.” But let’s not diminish the awesomeness that is the home opening game. After a fairly impressive first game against another in-state opponent last weekend (yes, the first half was a clinic on aggressive play that vindicated Joker Phillips’ tap of Mike Hartline as playcaller and ballslinger) we supporters are starting to feel the possibility of SEC victories to come and I have a notion that the atmosphere from the tailgating multitudes to be light and airy with just a hint of swagger as they place another bag of corn into that hole in the plywood. (I did find out this past weekend that many yankees refer to the cornhole game as “bags,” to which my response was “I don’t really know which name is dirtier.”) But I am digressing.

I guess what I’m saying is that with a home opener, especially coming off an away trouncing of the Birds from up 64, we have that confidence, that moxie to allow ourselves a really good time at Commonwealth tonight. There’s nothing better than coming home still undefeated. We don’t get to say that much–undefeated–let’s relish it while we can Blue. Hell, I wouldn’t blame you tonight if you decided to shave your chest and in big, bold, blue Helvetica,(that’s a typeface) scribbled “UNDEFEATED” across all 54 inches of your man meat. Bring the noise. While you can. It’s the home opener, someone on some tailgate on some grassy knoll is gonna offer you a pulled-pork sammich that should you place a small piece on your forehead, your tongue just might beat your ever-loving brains out. It will be that damned good and you, sir, are “UNDEFEATED.” Enjoy.

Now we’re up against the Hilltoppers from Western. Here’s what I know about Western football. Last year their defense allowed 28 or more points in 10 of their 12 games and in 3 games they gave up over 60. So look for Joker to try and get out early on this team with a heaping helping of Derrick Locke behind Moncell Allen. Then it should get fun. If you want to keep the tails in the seats of a potential blowout you got to do it by throwing the ball down the field and making big plays on defense. I think we’ll see a little of both. And as I say to many a waiter, can we get some more Randall Cobb over here?

So yes, it’s finally fall, the Cats are in Commonwealth, there’s fun happening all day and night at WRFL’s Boomslang festival so you can get some of that, then get some tailgating and rooting on, then some mo’ loud music. Then it’s pass-out time. Your day is planned. Here. We. Go. Wildcats. Here. We. Go.

photo: God Country Cats-Tread