Now Reading: Food Fights from NYT ‘Math for Locavores’ OpEd

Now Reading: Food Fights from NYT ‘Math for Locavores’ OpEd

Stephen Budiansky’s recent op/ed in the New York Times, Math Lessons for Locavores provoked considerable response from sustainable food advocates. He wrote, “the local food movement now threatens to devolve into another one of those self-indulgent — and self-defeating — do-gooder dogmas.”

A series of responses is chronicled at, Food Fight: Do Locavores Really Need Math Lessons? 

It’s the first in a new forum called Grist Talk: Food Fight series — the first topic being “whether locavores — those who prefer to eat food grown nearby, versus that grown thousands of miles away and trucked or flown in — are misguided  in thinking their food choices are helping to save the planet…”  Responders include Tom Philpott, Grist food editor; Kerry Trueman, cofounder of Eating Liberally; Anna Lappe, author of Diet for a Hot Planet; Jill Richardson, author of Recipe for America.

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