Newest Art in Motion bus shelter dedicated in Lexington

Newest Art in Motion bus shelter dedicated in Lexington

Today marked the dedication of Lexington’s newest Art in Motion bus stop/art shelter at the corner of Newtown Pike and Ash Street.The shelter, called “Bluegrass” was designed by EOP Architects.

Art in Motion’s Yvette Hurt told Ace in an interview at the inception of the project, “one way to build a livable and lively community [is] to bring art to the streets of Lexington…everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy art, and to take part in the dialogue opened by having art on the streets of Lexington.”

In the same story, Scott Diamond said, “We in Fayette County have a choice: do we  choose to live in an ever-expanding purely car driven monotonous low density sprawl, or do we act to create a mixed transportation infrastructure that supports mass transit, that treats working people who take the bus with dignity, and that places beauty at the center of street planning?”

The pilot project began as a national design competion and “Bottlestop” (incorporating local Ale 8 bottle glass) was created on Versailles Road.

A second shelter  was installed in Lexington’s East End, in 2007, and Diamond told Ace at the time, “we have no intention of stopping until every bus stop in Lexington has a shelter.” In addition to “Bluegrass,” the third shelter, a fourth is underway at Euclid, and more are planned for Southland Drive, Leestown, and Main Street.

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