Naming the Newtown Pike Extension

Naming the Newtown Pike Extension

CM Blues at the presser announcing burying power lines at the Newtown Pike Extension

One of the categories added to this year’s Best of Lex Ballot (on stands now; postmark deadline of August 27) is Best Name for the Newtown Pike Extension.

We are seeing some imaginative entries that reflect the diversity and history of the neighborhood — and of course we are also seeing, once again, the ubiquity of Coach Cal — Coach Cal Way? Coach Cal Boulevard? Coach Cal Lane? (Though he is not getting any votes for the Best Taqueria category this year…. possibly because there is no Best Taqueria category this year. Some enthusiastic voters are, however, selecting him as “Best Old Building Rehab,” “Best Burger,” and “Best Cupcake.”)

On Friday, LFUCG announced that a Committee (including the neighborhood’s councilman Tom Blues) had narrowed the Naming Process (from 568 submissions) to these five possible selections. Here are the explanations:

Oliver Lewis Way. “Lexington native; African American jockey who won inaugural Kentucky Derby (1875) riding Aristides.”

Millennium Road. “Celebrating the new millennium in Lexington” (which is practically the old millennium now — about as visionary as Y2kWay)

Mary Todd Lincoln Boulevard. “Lexington Native. First Lady of the United States. (1861-1865).

Equestrian Boulevard. “Reflective of Lexington’s equine history and future.”

Bolivar Street. “Final road extension will connect current Bolivar Street to Main Street.” [Not to nitpick, but quoting from LFUCG, “Enhanced 9-1-1 regulations will not permit the road to be called Newtown Pike Extension. The city wants to be sure that street addresses are not confusing.” They can call it Bolivar, but they can’t call it Newtown Pike Extension?]

LFUCG adds, “The project, funded through state and federal grants, is considered to be a national model because it incorporates the revitalization of the Davis Bottoms neighborhood it passes through.” [Davis Bottoms would make an excellent street name.]

To vote on the LFUCG options, go to this link on the LFUCG website . Deadline is August 27.

To vote in this category on the Best of Lex, make sure your Ballot is postmarked by August 27. (Readers must complete at least 50 percent of the Ballot for the entry to be counted — and remember, writing in Coach Cal for every single category — while infinitely amusing — will not get your ballot counted.)