Power Couple 2010: Steve Kay and Rona Roberts 2.11.2010

Power Couple 2010: Steve Kay and Rona Roberts 2.11.2010


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It may be hard to imagine, but Lexington hasn’t always been blessed
with the presence of Steve Kay and Rona Roberts. In fact, Rona originally hails from the rural lands of Wayne County, while Steve grew up in the blustery Northeast. But without question, we’re better off by their decision to stay. Indeed, not only have Steve and Rona been
woven into the fabric of our city, they’ve even become some of the most critical weavers. Together they run Roberts and Kay, Inc., a consulting firm that was instrumental in developing the city’s Destination 2040 plan. Steve has developed a spotless reputation as a facilitator, helping to bring about action from discussion with groups in local and state government, public schools, and private organizations. He hopes to use these skills to serve all of Lexington’s residents by running for an at-large seat on Urban County Council in 2010. Rona is a brilliant writer, having been a regular columnist in the Nougat Reader and now on her engaging blog, Savoring Kentucky. For many, though, the fondest associations have come over food. Her appreciation for food runs the gamut from production to marketing to consumption. She’s a staple at the Lexington Farmer’s Market.

Meanwhile, Steve is an avid gardener and has made a veggie paradise
out of their small backyard in the heart of the Martin Luther King neighborhood.

There, they have resided for decades, and both have been integral
in the neighborhood association to build a strong community in a
genuinely diverse area. Most recently, Rona and Steve have brought their
passions for food and community together at a weekly offering of
Cornbread Suppers. Held every Monday evening in their home, they
throw open their doors to anyone and everyone, welcoming folks to
come with food or not, to enjoy crunchy, steamy
homemade cornbread, accompanied with a side of
stimulating conversation. For it is here, in the
warmth of their home and hospitality that you’ll discover
their true gifts – the blessing of friendship.
Generous to their core, the majority of Lexingtonians
can likely count them as personal friends. Indeed,
Lexington can proudly claim them as our own now,
and be grateful that they chose our fair city to take
root! (You can join the Cornbread Suppers group on
Facebook for regular menu updates.)