Reflecting on an abundant 2009 in Lex A and E

Reflecting on an abundant 2009 in Lex A and E

By Kim Thomas

Since my birthday is on December 30th, brother Addison’s is on the 29th, we always shared birthday cakes and the feeling that, in the midst of all “those” holidays, our birthdays were merely brief sideshows to the Main Events, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. One cool part about sharing birthdays with big events is that yearend retrospectives are everywhere, in the paper, on the radio, and of course, on television.

So this time of year, for me, is a time for reflection and appreciation that indeed, I am very blessed with generous friend, faith and family. We sing, we shop, we go crazy trying to lasso that holiday spirit that is so precious yet also elusive. No wonder my parents were always so uptight from Thanksgiving until the Rose Bowl … they had seven children running around all juiced up on candy canes and kumquats! Since it is the end of the year, I want to thank all who have made my job covering the arts and activism in the Bluegrass such a pleasure in 2009.

From UK Opera Theatre’s ambitious presentation of Lucia de Lammermoor (thanks to Sherri Phelps and Henno Lohmeyer for being so generous and thoughtful) to Actors Guild of Lexington’s world premiere of Silas House’s Long Time Travelling (thanks to Rick St. Peter for his direction and vision in allowing me to shadow the production process) — Long Time Travelling garnered Ace readers’ Best of Lex vote for best theatrical production, this past year was chock full of wonderful entertainment. BCTC’s Tim X. Davis and his theatre and film students also proved their mettle and impressed upon me the importance of good and devoted teachers of his caliber with their performances in Grapes of Wrath, Dark of the Moon and Middle Aged White Guys. SummerFest rocks; Art in Motion: your work providing bus shelters and art is amazing; UK’s Gaines Fellows always managed to introduce us to new ways of thinking about art. Nick Kouns and Diane Mason and Side by Side keep bringing equality to the arts for everyone.

To every author, director, manager, coordinator, artist, to all these folks, and so many more, I’ve been profoundly moved by your stories. I feel blessed to write about those who use their talents to improve our lives, so what better time for me to let all of them know how immeasurably my life has been changed for the good in researching their efforts and coming to know them. I wish them all — and you, dear readers — a joyous holiday and happy year to come.

And if you’ve met your share of “Do- Ers” this year, consider making a film to submit for the Lexington Film League’s Do-Ers Video contest. Videos must be postmarked by January 15, 2010 and the screening event is set for February. Lexington Film League invites you to create a five minute (or less) video about any individual, business or organization “doing” something in your community. LFL wants to bring awareness to those interested in making Kentucky a better and more interesting place to live. Info,

Last week’s Ace also included info about the Lex Video Challenge, from UK Gaines Fellow, James Chapman. Go to aceweekly. com to see Chapman’s video introducing that project. We look forward to telling you more of those video stories in 2010.

Readers can join Kim Thomas at the Grey Goose on her birthday, December 30th, 7pm.