Kentucky Bourbon Trail makes MotorTrend Blog

Kentucky Bourbon Trail makes MotorTrend Blog


In his recent MotorTrend blog this week, Frank Markus reviews the Mazda 3i… and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

He writes:

“My Bourbon Trail stop on the way home was at the Woodford Reserve distillery just south off I-64 northwest of Lexington, Kentucky. Woodford offers fascinating tours, that allow you to put your nose right over the bubbling mash, stick your head inside the copper kettles (when they’re not working, which is much of the time, as this is small-batch stuff), and breathe deep the ‘Angels’ Share’ in the aging warehouse (40 percent of the clear liquid poured into the white oak barrels evaporates during the six to eight years it ages, expanding into and retreating out of the barrel’s charred wood as the temperature goes up and down, picking up the color and flavor that makes it bourbon). The memory of that smooth, sweet 10ml taste at the end of the tour—and the promise of a longer pour at the end of the journey—was almost enough to sustain me through traffic snarls associated with two Thanksgiving Sunday wrecks and three nasty construction zones.”