Nicholasville on the Today Show

Nicholasville on the Today Show


Nicholasville Property highlighted on the Today Show

On the Today Show this morning, real estate contributor Barbara Corcoran highlighted this Nicholasville property as a great buy under $200,000. saying:

“Nicholasville, what’s great about it is there’s plenty of jobs to be had. So if you pay your $187.5 for this house, you can live very well, but you can also get a job. You don’t have to move to the boondocks and get a house like this. That front porch is darling. That’s like a Secret Garden in the back. It’s a little cottage-type style. A little sitting area. Fully planted. The person loves this garden and it shows…This house has all the bells and whistles for under $200,000. How could you say no?”