UK Coal Dorm on Rachel Maddow Show

UK Coal Dorm on Rachel Maddow Show


“Where’s the butter churner and the potbellied stove?” asks sports editor at the Nation.

UK’s proposed Coal Lodge makes national news on Rachel Maddow.

The UK Board of Trustees meets at 1 pm today (October 27)  to discuss “Wildcat Coal Lodge.” Patterson Office Tower, 18th floor. Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and other groups plan to protest including the name “Coal” in the building title.


  1. Why do they even need new dorms??
    When I was in college at UK a few years ago, one of my TA’s had to pay out of HER pocket for the paper to make copies of our tests. While we discussed this issue in class, the TA burst into tears, telling us that she was broke so we did not have a midterm to take. Furthermore, she had walked by Wildcat Lodge on the way to class and saw two big screen TVs being rolled into that “dorm”.
    Anyone who has actually gone to UK will tell you that UK is a crappy school that does not care about students OR education. They milk the students out of every cent possible, do not offer enough classes and cater to the sports players like they are GODS. I had several classes with basketball players who only showed up on the first and last days of class. UK is a joke.
    They will not provide enough dorms for the outrageous number of students they are enrolling (as they raise tuition every year), so slumlords are building death traps to house them, causing unrest to the local citizens. However, we can build NEW dorms for the basketball players who don’t even go to class. I thought a DORM housed students? UK basketball players are not students. The students are simply dollar signs. You cant even graduate in four years from UK anymore….Hell, let the Coal companies build them what ever they want…Just dont call it a DORM of affiliate it with education….UK knows nothing about that…