UK – LFUCG, Then and Now

UK – LFUCG, Then and Now

This is not this week’s cover. This cover is from August 2002.

Students marched on City Hall a week ago today, to protest the Student Housing Task Force Report.

Council Chambers quickly filled and the overflow was relegated to the Ballroom downstairs.

Landlords like the Sills Brothers spoke passionately to the Planning Committee about their economic place in the community, characterizing themselves as “a family of carpenters.” The report from the meeting ran on page 4, along with a Letter to the Editor from homeowner Kate Savage. (The September 24 issue is also posted online, at the left of the Ace site.)

Readers were invited to respond before the next meeting on October 5, at 1 pm. One of those responses will be printed on page 4 and 5 in the October 1st issue.

For the sake of institutional memory, a link to an August 2002 Ace story is printed below. (Council Member Dick DeCamp has retired since that story—and in the spirit of full disclosure: Ace remembers him best as the Council Member who proposed removing Ace’s Big Red Boxes from the streets this time last year. The campaign to keep them on the streets was known as “You Don’t Know Dick.”)

The August 2002 story begins, almost uncannily….

“The year is 2010, and the place is the area surrounding the University of Kentucky. A walk around this area eight years prior would include such visual sites as old mansions containing multiple rental properties, students walking briskly despite their heavy backpacks, and an enormous number of economy cars lining the streets.

In 2010, the scene is barely recognizable as the rental properties have become the homes of middle class ex-suburbanites; the students have been replaced by families walking their purebred dogs; and the cars are European or SUVs, or both.

The area once the domain of the students has become the home of the modern bourgeois….”