Brett Favre and My Wife, by Kevin Faris

Brett Favre and My Wife, by Kevin Faris

By:  Kevin Faris

(Let me apologize in advance, but this is not exactly Lexington related)

My wife has never met Brett Favre.  She is not a fan of the Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets, or the Minnesota Vikings.  If you asked her who her favorite NFL team is, she would not have an answer (this is true, because I just asked her and she made a face at me.  Wait….she just picked New England because she likes Tom Brady).  The point is that whether or not Favre plays in the NFL does not affect her in any way, shape, or form he enjoyment (or toleration in a lot of cases) of the NFL.  Despite this seeming detachment from Favre and his multiple retirements, followed by unretirements, when I told her that Favre announced he was coming out of retirement today, she was pissed.

What follows is a loose transcription of why my wife hates Brett Favre:

First, last summer that’s all I heard about for a month.  Every day, that is all anyone on ESPN wanted to talk about (allow me to interject that at the Faris household, Sportscenter and ESPN Radio are on pretty much all the time).  What’s he going to do?  Where’s he going to go?  All of these people spend way too much time worrying about what he’s going to do, but seriously, what’s he going to do?  He’s either going to play football or not.  That’s it.  There are other people in the world who will do more interesting things and then, guess what, he’s just going to retire again.  I have nothing against him.  I understand that it’s hard to retire, but why go out and have a bad year again?  I’m so tired of hearing about Brett Favre.  You’re over with dude.

It’s rare that my wife has her fingers on the exact pulse of America, but in this case I think she’s right.  The next few days will feature more about Favre than anyone of us wants to hear, and when the Vikes start 5-0 or 4-1 (which they should because they play a weak schedule) it will be even worse.  And then, he will slowly play worse until he fades away at the end of the season.  Outside of a scandal, I cannot think of an athlete who has gone from so beloved to such disdain in this short amount of time.