Local News comes to the table

Local News comes to the table


WTVQ aired an interview with Vice Mayor Jim Gray last night in which he reiterated his request that the Mayor bring in the CentrePointe developers and demand grass and sidewalks while the fate of the block is determined. Or “delayed.”

WTVQ asks “Does the empty block downtown bother you?” Email 36Listens@WTVQ.com or call 859.566.3688.

One caller agreed with the Vice Mayor it was an “eyesore.” Another said, “I believe the city oughtta worry more about the Lexington Mall area. For the last 2 or 3 years they’ve done nothing about that. If they can’t do anything about that, they can’t do anything about the downtown area. Who cares if the little city council people can’t walk down streets?”

(It is possible to hold two separate thoughts in one’s head? Lexington Mall has been an admitted embarrassment to the City for far longer than a couple years. It is ok to have opinions about both.)