Call Him Cal

Call Him Cal

[Live blog, Press Conference at Joe Craft.]

8 year, $31.65/M deal

The optimistic T-shirts read, “Envy Our Past. Fear Our Future.”

Barnhart on the search process, admits “Critics will say we moved too fast,” assures due diligence was done.

Obviously realizing his own job is justifiably on the line, Barnhart says, “We have all had our critics. For 7 years, I’ve had my share, and I’ve been through it.”

Quickly moves on to compliance, and contract outlines: “self-funded.” Completed and signed agreement in place.[Applause.] Reminds everyone that all UK athletics depends on Football and Basketball.

Calipari begins:
“humbled yet excited” and asks to recognize the Keightley family members.
-“Used to try to emulate Kyle Macy.”
-calls from former players like Rex Chapman who’ve expressed excitement.
-hard decision. Coming here was easy. Leaving Memphis hard.
-Mitch “forgot to tell you I got fired in New Jersey.”
-cites commitment to graduation rates.
-“regular guy. Do not walk on water. Do not have a magic wand.”
-in an unfortunate echo of Gillispie’s “One Day Plan” press conference Saturday, he says, “I’m day to day.”
-echoes of Obama, reminding everyone he can’t do it all in a year
-“I’m a gatherer.”
– will “hold players accountable, on and off the court.”
– recognizes “winning national titles” is the job
– asked to comment on the players, admits “honestly I don’t know the team that well.”
– “they tell me Richie Farmer is like the Secretary of Agriculture? Is that right? Am I saying that right? The guy scored baskets. He’s gonna be governor,” adds good naturedly “I mean it’s crazy.”
-accustomed to being second-guessed, “You’re never gonna win…unless you win.”
-doesn’t listen to talk radio. Doesn’t know how to access online forums.

“Bear with me. I’m new here.”