142 Days Later… and they’ve only erected a sign.

142 Days Later… and they’ve only erected a sign.


Travis Jones has the pictures.

posted by David Schankula

The Webbs have placed a sign at the corner of their empty lot.

It includes the words “JW Marriott” which I guess means those LIBERALS are on board?

The sign also apparently says “coming soon.”

Of course, time is relative.


  1. That kind of hate mongering is unacceptable to me and I’m gonna stop reading ACE Weekly and remove you from my RSS Reader.

  2. Anonymous:

    Not hate mongering at all. This is the best part about Marriott’s involvement — they are a great company who stand for all sorts of great liberal things…

    from the referenced post:
    *Marriott is pro-amnesty!*
    J.W. Marriott dropped some serious coin ($240,000) lobbying Congress, the Department of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State to loosen immigration laws.

    Bill Marriott, Chairman and CEO of Marriott, says: “Our company supports changes in the U.S. laws that not only create a path to legal status for immigrants, but also protect the integrity of our U.S. borders.”

    Amnesty for all. That’s our kind of corporation.

    *Marriott is pro-gay marriage!*
    A devoutly religious man, Bill Marriott believes in Christianity’s message of brotherly love.

    That’s why The J.W. Marriott Company not only provides its employees with a formal diversity program, but was one of the first in its industry to offer domestic partner benefits.

    And Marriott opposed California’s Proposition 8, the ban on gay marriages!

    While even Democratic politicians pussyfoot around this issue, Marriott took solid action. Given that Lexington has a very sizable gay population, we think you not only made the ethical choice by bringing them here, but a shrewd business move as well.

    *Marriott loves porno!*
    The American Family Council, the Family Research Council and James Dobson’s Focus on the Family have all targeted Marriott in their campaign against smut, demanding J.W. Marriott remove pay-per-view porn from their in-room entertainment. Despite some good advice from a trusted source, they decided to cast the first stone.

    But Marriott cast that mother right back! Using the unassailable logic that there’s nothing wrong with videotaped sex, provided the participants are consenting, well-compensated, and reasonably attractive, the hotel chain rejected the calls from the moral police.

    Not only is porn still available, now it’s coming to Lexington!

    Most of us liberal Lexingtonians still think that Centrepointe was a scam invented by the Webb brothers and that your administration has been a series of gruesome train wrecks, but for your choice of the Marriott, we salute you.

    We welcome this major corporate voice for Immigrant Rights, Gay Rights, and not just porn but the kind of porn the porn industry is begging for — the kind you still have to pay money for and can’t just get for free over the internet (contrary to what you might have heard, we support free-market capitalism, provided it involves naked people).

  3. This is even worse now because someone has edited the original post I was responding to and now the context is lost. Admit it, you made a mistake and you ought to have apologized or just removed the whole thing.

  4. Schankula’s original reference was tagged with “gay-lovin pornography-peddling liberals.” Shortened to JUST “liberals,” just in case anyone didn’t take the time to get the actual Context, and read the actual click, which he’s referenced in the Comments section.

  5. anonymous:

    no one’s hiding the original wording. you can read it AT THIS LINK.

    Let’s be clear…

    Jim Newberry suggesting that somehow “sodomy laws” should have been left on the books is hate mongering.

    Dan Mongiardo sponsoring an amendment to the state constitution denying equal protection of the law is hate mongering.

    Stating that a company with a history of tolerance and open-mindedness is in fact a company with a history of tolerance and open-mindedness is, well, just plain factual.

    Marriott is, and remains, the best part (and possibly the only good part) about this project. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again later, I’m sure.

    I’m happy they see the value in their GLBT employees and customers, I’m glad they are doing the right thing on immigration, and I’m glad they’re standing up for personal freedoms.

  6. I think you have short changed them. They have actually Erected TWO signs – that’s twice as much as what you are giving the credit for. I mean two signs in one week – that’s monumental progress!

    But there’s something about them erecrting those signs – the image of the building, the words ‘coming soon’ – I can’t quite put my finger on it…