Parking. The Money’s on the Comeback.

Parking. The Money’s on the Comeback.


Metered parking goes up to a buck an hour today.

This move is supposed to stimulate people to come downtown, because it’ll theoretically force the downtown workers who are hogging the metered spaces into garages and lots. The spots will free up. And everyone will flock downtown. To spend a buck an hour. (The fees generated will also supposedly go to pay for new “high tech” meters.)


  1. woohoo – I’m there! I’ll meet you downtown and we can fight for a spot.
    Actually, they can’t entice me with the new rates, I’ll probably just keep walking downtown. I would ride my bike, but the bike lanes from my end of town are inbound only.

    Why the higher rates though? Presumably they just saved themselves a few meter maids with the new system which takes credit cards.

    I did notice one of those new fancy machines on High St at Euclid in front of Tomo’s. So now, people will just park on Hanover or Ashland and walk ten steps instead of five.

  2. I still think that if every motorist who tries to run down pedestrians at crosswalks should be fined, and keep parking rates affordable for those who must come downtown for appointments. It’s highway robbery, it really is. And what about those guys on the scooters who give out parking tickets? Where’s all that money going? Are we helping the homeless? Is our City implementing programs to help underprivileged children? Where does all this parking money go? Will we ever see this revenue in a form that works for the good of the people, or will it go into the pockets of those who wish to destroy entire blocks of downtown Lexington?