Mustache Audit Update, Jan 13 (airport)

Mustache Audit Update, Jan 13 (airport)


Three out of the four airport directors who made the front page of Sunday’s Herald-Leader resigned today.

Bobby Owens is the newly elected chair, replacing Bernard Lovely, who remains on the Board – despite the Council’s recommendation that he step down and stay out of all airport activities during the state’s audit.

Here is the statement from Mayor Jim Newberry:

“It is clear from today’s action that as the facts have become clear, the Board has acted decisively. The public should know that
investigations are ongoing within the Board and at the state level; law enforcement officials have been contacted; staff credit card accounts have been canceled; strict accounting controls are being formulated; and new airport management will soon be in place. In other words, the public should know that the volunteers who make up the Airport Board are doing their job responsibly, deliberately and in the most transparent manner possible. They want swift prosecution of any criminal behavior. They want a safe, well-run airport that meets the highest standards of public accountability. Those are my goals, as well.”