Big Ass Irony Award du Jour

Big Ass Irony Award du Jour

Today’s Big Ass Irony Award goes to WTVQ’s 6 PM newscast.

As Tom Kenny read the highlights of the Mayor’s Destination 2040 Update, they ran continuous b-reel footage of the Dame block demolition. Precisely at the moment Kenny cited the report’s professed interest in “economic expansion and cultural creativity,” footage rolled of a demolition worker swinging a bucket and tearing down a wall.

On camera, Mayor Newberry said, “we’ve got to get out of the business of looking at things in black and white terms. Either a situation where we’re not going to grow at all, or where we’re going to pave paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Then he smiled, earning today’s Ace Smuggy Award.(We really need to geta logo for that.)

Layering the icing on the cake, the camera zoomed in on a pile of smoking bricks just as Kenny described the report’s focus on “developing an arts and entertainment district.”

Kudos to Tom and his producer.

(Building on the night’s flair for juxtaposition, Kenny’s co-anchor’s next words were, “Driving through downtown Lexington, you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been much activity on the future site of CentrePointe. So with the economy in a downturn, is the CentrePointe project still underway?”

She answered herself, “our media partner, Business Lexington, reports it is.”)


  1. Smuggy Awards? I love it.

    I’m thinking what Lexington needs is really a true, bona fide Center Point (let’s not be pretentious and spell it “Centre” or “Pointe” — good lord, people still say “warsh” here)! Yes, Lexington needs a center point where I can tell all my out of town friends, “Hey, come to Lexington and check out the center of downtown! You’ll see a farmer’s market, a place where the homeless can work and earn money for food and shelter, [I’m thinking everything from back rubs to writing poetry], and a place where you can take your kids to bicycle, feed the goldfish in a spring-fed pond, become enamored with the 100 year old kudzu vine at the new Kimmy Conservatory (why not?), and read all about how Lexington’s growth grew out of a Spring!” Then, I’d say, “Yeah, it’s called McConnell Springs, but the naturally flowing waters are not related to Cabbage Patch Mitch!” That’ll bring ’em in…so, yes, let’s ‘change’ Lexington, but let’s go back to wherefrom the root sprang first. Let’s draw folks here by showing them the Center Point of Lexington!!! (Hint: it’s water-borne and it’s naturally environmentally friendly 🙂