Another dubious distinction national media moment for Lexington

Another dubious distinction national media moment for Lexington


by Wes Keltner
So every night before I drift off to sleepytime, I check over my RSS feeds. One feed that I scan through is the Google News reader so I can see what’s going on around the world. I clicked on the “entertainment” portion of Google News and began reading. Here’s what I saw:

First of all, why am I seeing DUI arrests in the entertainment column, when movie stars aren’t involved? Second, why would Google News even pick this story up? It’s just little ol’ Lexington. Why is that newsworthy? Third question: Is 18 DUI arrests a lot for New Year’s Eve? I mean is that why it’s newsworthy, because 18 is really high?

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  1. I think the reason it is news worthy is to let people know that they will get busted if they drink and drive.

    I don’t have a problem with it, my family always goes to a party we can walk home from so we can avoid having to worry about who is going to drive. Mind you, on the way home we were all almost hit by a guy that ran a stop sign and must have been going at least 50 mph on Fincastle (limit is 25mph).