LFUCG Work Session Highlight

LFUCG Work Session Highlight


Ya’ gotta wonder why a councilmember would object to an airport audit because the impetus was theoretically “based on a newspaper article.”

Based on…? Inspired by…. Who cares? Anybody heard of WATERGATE?

Now, an audit based on a 70’s era mustache… Well sure. That’d be… Uh… Wrong. (Understandable maybe, but still wrong.)


  1. If the Herald-Leader didn’t do the research, and publish the article, would there have been another impetus for the audit? I think not.

    I doubt the Airport would’ve raised the flag themselves, and the latest LFUCG Management Audit (as it turns out) did not extend into LFUCG’s partnering agencies’ budgets.

    Meaning, the Airport Board has basically been autonymous in their decision-making.

    I really cannot wait to see the State Auditor’s findings. And kudos to VM Gray for initiating the action, and for the 10 other CM’s who voted with him.