1. we had a long discussion and a lot of things were discussed? Amazing. Sounds like He and Bush were separated at birth, single egg split…

    I might title the photo
    “I am the terrorist your mother warned you about” or “I worked at the airport because otherwise they wouldn’t let me fly” or “it’s not simply a moustache. It’s a disguise and a way of life.”

  2. Since Director Gobb has been traveling so much, I can only conclude that he uses his job as a cover for his nefarious CIA missions…His stache is essential to his cover but keeps confusing his enemies…or even disarms them by provoking fits of laughter…
    Caption: Gobbledyspookstache.

  3. …..with his clipped mustache and his whiskey-coated growl and his steely self-assurance, is an aristocrat of sleaze.”
    David Ansen

  4. That mustache is probably essential to the smooth operation and financial well-being of the airport. Please don’t encourage this mockery of the mustache. Besides, it will probably be the next airport director.

  5. “So, ladies and gentlemen… if I say that I am an oil man, you will agree.”

    Although, now that the resignation is in place, might go with:
    “I’m finished.”

  6. I believe we’re all jumping to conclusions much too quickly. After all, there are thousands of reasons they may have been in a club. Perhaps they were considering the purchase of a new pole for the Airport Fire Dept. Maybe the club management was discussing the possibility of opening a franchise operation in the Airport bringing thousands of tourist dollars into the terminal. Maybe they were studying runway lighting that would allow pilots to more easily determine which runway they were on during periods of limited visibility.
    All of these improvements to the airport are possible if we just trust the mustache and let it do its job.