What Lexington Needs: Eren McGinnis – Feminists and Beaches

What Lexington Needs: Eren McGinnis – Feminists and Beaches


What Lexington Needs: Eren McGinnis – Feminists and Beaches

By Eren McGinnis

Possible Needs:

  • More true feminists who are willing to fight for basic issues like equal pay for equal work, stopping violence against women and children, health care for everyone, the right to choose one’s reproductive future, and getting the Herald-Leader to drop the sexist comic strip Beetle Bailey.
  • To care for its people like it cares for its horse: we need to rally against oppression both here and abroad. We need a Joel Pett fan club.
  • One-way, out-of-town tickets for homophobes, xenophobes and racists. We need tolerance for the other, whether queer, foreigner, black or brown.
  • More citizens who are concerned with taking care of our environment. One of my best friends in California divorced her husband “because he wasn’t committed to recycling.” Can you imagine that in Lexington?
  • Fewer Scotty strips and Webb-strocities and more human scale architecture. We need to turn all remaining historic downtown buildings into housing for our homeless or loft studios for our artists. I would like to see enormous neighborhood murals painted by children and more public sculpture (and not the four-legged variety).

Fantasy Needs:

  • A million more citizens living with “the circle.” The result? Less small-town provincialism, less gossip and more anonymity.
  • To be located below the 30th parallel In other words, Lexington needs a beach and a lot more hot and sultry days. Fall should begin on december 24th, it should snow on Christmas day and the dogwoods should bloom on December 26th.
  • To quit eating McDonald’s, Arby’s and Burger King. This town needs a korean restaurant, a Moroccan restaurant and a Brazilian restaurant. We need a sushi chef in the local Kroger’s and a Cotija (#45) taco shop to serve fabulous Mexican food 24 hours a day.
  • A community college branch campus in Key West and a Major League Baseball team (anything but the “Thoroughbreds”).